Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Composite Buildings

Answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Composite Buildings covering the design, manufacture and installation processes.

What type of projects does iForm undertake?

Being specialists in bespoke creative clever builds, we work on a huge variety of projects, including modular accommodation, teaching facilities, beach huts, and even lifeguard units. We welcome enquires for any commercial space. If you can design it, we can build it. Check out our Projects.


How are iForm buildings constructed?


We construct each portable building on our premises in Dorset, in factory conditions, using our own high-performance composite panel technology. We complete each smart modular build to exacting standards, before delivering it to you, ready to use. So you can use your clever building immediately. Here’s the Process we take.


How will my new space be delivered and installed?

We crane your finished building from our factory in Dorset onto a hiab lorry and transport it to your site where it is craned into position. Installation is really quick (even the same day) because the building is already constructed, which means minimal disruption and mess for you. Use your modular building from the moment it is put into place.


What if my site has limited access?

It’s surprising where a crane can reach! We’ll advise you during our site survey, but where restricted access prevents us from craning in a finished building, we’ll construct your project at our factory before flat-packing it, transporting it, and assembling it on site. We can get around those hiccups that others would reject.

What if I want to move or relocate my building in the future?

You can take it with you. iForm buildings are structurally self-supporting and portable, so if we have been able to fully construct it at our factory, it’s possible to pick it up and move it – ideal if you don’t own the land, or your needs change, etc. Move around with your clever building as much as you please.

Are there size limitations?

iForm buildings are designed to any size and specification. The completed composite building can be made up of modular units, joined together or stacked. This means the limitations in size and design are down to you.

Are iForm buildings as strong as traditional brick/block structures?

Absolutely. We build using our own unique composite panels, which are like Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), only better. The panels are a high-performance building system, with superior insulation, structural strength and air-tightness over traditional construction methods. The principals and technology is very well established. The panels are bonded to be watertight, and they don’t degrade or rust like traditional timber and steel frame construction, not to forget our buildings are portable.

Can iForm buildings be customised?

Completely. Your building will be bespoke – designed entirely to meet your requirements, inside and out. We can apply and fit many different external or internal finishes and door and window options. We can also advise, supply, and fit built-in furniture, bathrooms or wetrooms, kitchens, stereo systems, televisions, etc. Check out our past products.

Do I need planning permission?

It depends on the use, size, and position of your new building. It may be possible to build within ‘permitted development rights’, in which case planning permission wouldn’t be required. We can discuss this with you, and even manage your planning application if you wish.

Will my new commercial building have to pass any building regulations?

Your new commercial space will most likely be subject to building control approval. These regulations ensure that your new space performs as it should; that it’s safe, environmentally sound, and long-lasting. We can advise at the site survey stage, and where building regulations are required, we ensure all standards are met or exceeded and certification is obtained. iForm builds are always to the highest standards.

What are modular buildings?

Modular buildings are made up of smaller units, joined together or stacked. It can give you incredible versatility because more units can be added as your business expands or your needs change. Modular buildings give you the power to change and grow as you please, being made of modular units you really have the choice to customise your clever building to the exact use you need it for. Click here for more information on Modular buildings.

What’s included in the price?

Everything you require is included in the price – there are no hidden costs. When the design is finalised, and fittings and finishes decided, we detail and agree on all costs involved: that’s the complete project solution, from design to installation.

What warranty do I have with my iForm building?

All our commercial buildings come with a 10-year Structural Warranty. You’ll also have manufacturer’s warranties on items such as the flooring, windows and doors, and electrical items. All backed-up by excellent service and aftercare.

How long does the process take?

We undertake all kinds of commercial projects. Each one is unique, and we never sacrifice quality for speed. Your new space will enter our build programme and be project managed in line with the agreed deadline, and we keep you well informed. An average lead-time for a small commercial space is 6-8 weeks, and build time from firm placement of order (specs, planning, etc all in place) another 6-8 weeks. The Process continued.

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