Overland Trucks


Overland Adventure Trucks


The iForm Outlander bodies provide the most advanced structures of their kind in the UK. The Revolutionary attributes of our composite panel provide unrivalled benefits to customers looking to achieve maximum performance paired with super light weight, super strength build quality.

Each conversion is completely thermally insulated with an 80mm Styrofoam core throughout to create a fully thermo regulated environment which helps to keep you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. A wide range of temperature control options are available including full AC and Heating. Unlimited customisation options include full off grid living capabilities, toilet and shower facilities, awnings, luxury living facilities and Motorbike/ ATV storage.


The body is fully demountable and can be permanently sited on the ground when needed. Each body comes with a 10 year structural warranty and includes our new AeroCurve front for improved aerodynamics and drag reduction.

Our conversions thrive in the harshest of conditions and easy to maintain thanks to its wipe clean, waterproof and stain proof interior. Its super light weight structure will reduce fuel consumption and maximise vehicle payload allowing the truck to easily travel on extreme surfaces where weight is a limiting factor. As a manufacturer of Overland trucks to competitors of the Paris Dakar, our conversions provide the next level of innovation in Overland build technology.