Coastal Safety Buildings

As the chosen supplier of Lifeguard Units for the RNLI ( Royal National Lifeboat Institution) since 2009, our knowledge and experience building Coastal Safety Buildings is extensive, with over 250 units currently installed across Nation wide UK. The RNLI provide cover on more than 200 beaches around the UK. They approached us looking for an alternative to their existing heavy timber-framed structures that would be light weight, portable and offer superior thermal properties. Each new Lifeguard Unit would be self-contained and offer all of the facilities required to provide Lifeguard Cover.



We worked with the RNLI to deliver a bespoke solution. Our composite panel technology meant we could offer a lightweight, insulated and watertight structure with unrivalled benefits. We also created a full waterproof interior for them, complete with wet/ dry lockers, solar powered speaker systems as well as cooking & storage  facilities.The first Lifeguard Unit was installed on the beach at Sandbanks, Dorset in 2010. We now have more than 250 all around the UK coast, and iForm is the sole supplier of Lifeguard Units to the RNLI – something we are very proud of. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Our RNLI Beach Huts are built from our revolutionary composite panel technology, it’s unique to us worldwide meaning you won’t find any other beach hut building with the same strength and durability. It enables us to offer a range of portable RNLI beachfront buildings designed to last 20 or more years in a coastal environment, maintenance-free.

Composite is a high-performance building system, offering superior insulation, structural strength and durability over traditional construction methods or systems. Manufactured up to 10m x 3m without joins, each panel is bonded for rigidity, impact resistance and water tightness. There’s no warping, shrinking, rotting or colour fading, with interesting shape creations like our Wave Roof design. We first introduced our revolutionary composite panel technology more than 30 years ago. It offers maximum durability in coastal locations, and is totally unique to us.



The majority of buildings we supply to the RNLI under contract are composite, so you can be rest-assured interms of the quality and level of service we provide. We manufacture the panels in various thicknesses and layups depending on the intended application. Different beaches and coastal locations come with varying different levels of weather and so need variations in design. Whole panels are bonded together to form the floors, walls and roofs. This creates a super strong, lightweight, self-supporting structure.

The outer surfaces of our bonded composite panel consist of layers of smooth, highly-durable, wipe-clean GRP(fibreglass). These surfaces are white as standard, and we offer a range of RAL colour options. The colour runs through the GRP and won’t fade with sun exposure. The smooth exterior can also be wrapped in vinyl graphics for branding or marketing purposes, or if you’re looking for that traditional timber aesthetic, we’ve developed an effective composite cladding system.


“The RNLI constantly reviews the demands of its rescue service to make sure that our lifesavers have the facilities they need and deserve. Lifeguards operate in a dynamic beach environment so they need the perfect spaces that can be positioned anywhere from cliff tops to shingle beaches and which are capable of withstanding the elements with minimal maintenance.

All lifeguard equipment and facilities are designed to support their lifesaving activities and ensure that their safety and wellbeing are cared for in these harsh coastal environments. Both environmental and aesthetic criteria also need to be satisfied when integrating buildings and temporary infrastructures within the natural and urban environment in which they are located.”  RNLI

We have designed, built and delivered hundreds of Coastal Safety Cabins for the RNLI.  We know what it takes to build the very best. Now let’s start your project..

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