The Latest News from iForm HQ

We recently delivered these fantastic units to Ireland for their LifeGuards to Patrol from. Fully fitted inside and out, each Pod included our built in folding frame. The frames fold up during transit and then fold down once they arrive onto the beaches ready for action! Once they had landed we received a lovely email from them exclaiming ‘WOWSERS !! They are absolutely fantastic. A bit of Baywatch has finally arrived in Skibbereen!!!”

Here at iForm we love unique and interesting builds and we don’t think requests get much more unusual than this beasty ! We were approached by the BMW Race Rider team to create a rider support vehicle for the Legendary Paris Dakar race- the toughest race on earth! Our revolutionary panel’s super light but super strong structure will provide a completely thermo regulated environment in the Desert , keeping the riders cool in the day and warm at night. The light weight properties & our unique build method are perfectly suited to heavy uneven desert & rocky terrain and the box can be removed in future and used as a building if needed. The box is now off to be sprayed & jazzed up! and then the interior will added. We wish the riders every success in this incredible race!

If your off to the Festival of Speed this weekend then you might catch sight of one of our special flat pack buildings for the UK’s leading supplier of portable cash machines. These super unique buildings are extremely secure but they also flat pack down so that they can be transported inside a van and driven to location. For more information check out

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded a large contract from Bournemouth County Council to build 10 luxury Accommodation Beach Lodges! Built as Identical replicas of the existing 15 huts already on site, we are really excited to be involved with such a fantastic project right on our door step too!