This is a brilliant example of NAAFI finding and working closely with a superb UK company making sustainable facilities. One of NAAFI’s 4 pillars that drives the whole company is sustainability. This is it in action.
iForm are a pleasure to work with and reactive to our needs.

Lieutenant General Richard Nugee CB CVO CBE

MOD Climate Change and Sustainability Lead, Chair of the Royal NAAFI Board.

Sustainable buildings for military application
As official modular building partner of The Royal NAAFI, iForm are proud to support their incredible work with the Armed Forces around the globe through a multitude of different structures all made from 98% recycled plastic – creating the most sustainable military structures on the market.

The British Government established NAAFI on 9th December 1920 by combining the Expeditionary Force Canteens (EFC) and the Navy and Army Canteen Board (NACB) to run the recreational establishments needed by the Armed Forces, and to sell goods to servicemen and their families.

NAAFI expanded its operation over the next 17 years, supporting military bases and deployments across the world, from Bermuda and Jamaica, to Singapore and China.

NAAFI, ‘serve the services’, going to extraordinary lengths to provide the comforts of home to UK Armed Forces communities stationed at Ministry of Defence bases abroad and in the UK.

From making British favourites available in the middle of the Atlantic, to operating canteens onboard HM Ships, no location is too remote for them to reach. Their mission is to enrich the lives of service personnel and their families and that’s why all their surpluses go back into supporting our Armed Forces communities across the world.

The NAAFI currently operate in the UK, Ascension Island, Brunei, the Falkland Islands, Germany, Gibraltar and onboard HM Ships, providing convenience and a ‘taste of home’ to our British Armed Forces communities.
Working in partnership with The Royal NAAFI as their dedicated modular buildings provider we have worked  closely with their teams to create a variety of different builds for International application.
Each build is perfectly matched to its environment – from the heat and humidity of Singapore to the freezing winter conditions of Estonia, the buildings provide unrivalled comfort levels with state of the art heating and cooling facilities.
Each product is completely portable, allowing them to be relocated around the globe – and often they are built to fit inside a shipping container for ease of logistics.

NAAFI are renowned for their Cafes and were looking for a new portable Cafe option which can easily be shipped and relocated when needed. Each Cafe includes a full kit out with commercial ovens, fridges, blenders, dish washers and till facilities. At only 20ft in length their space saving design allows a fully functioning cafe with a convenient size for complete portability.

From Gibralter to the NATO Head Quarters in Estonia, each Cafe has the relevant electrical fit out and full temperature control to create an inviting space and a taste of home to serving troops across the globe.

Accommodation & Training blocks

The NAAFI range of training and accommodation blocks provide a hugely flexible option for immediate deloyment. Large numbers of bedspaces can be provided as well as built in class rooms and training areas.

80mm insulation, waterproofing and sound minimisation is built in as standard and you can place them straight onto the ground -there is no requirement for permanent footings.

The pods are completely portable and can be made self contained and entirely off grid so are perfect for hard to reach or remote locations.

The units are exceptionally tough and are able to thrive in the harshest weather or ground conditions whilst ensuring maximum longevity.

Towable accommodation units

The NAAFI towable units provide easy portability and can be towed with a standard towing license. They can be made completely self contained or hook up to mains if required. With built in en-suites and fully fitted interiors these pods look ultra modern and provide super high comfort levels with the ease of full portability.

Their light weight construction allows them to be towed by a wide range of vehicles despite their large size.

Refrigerated Trailers & Cold storage pods.

Due to the large volume of food and drink that the NAAFI transport both nationally and Internationally there is a high demand for portable cold storage options. Both our refrigerated trailers and cold rooms offer a fully portable solution that offers both chill and frozen capabilities.

Our pods are designed to fit inside shipping containers and their unbeatable insulated properties perfectly handle hot climates whilst maintaining frozen goods inside the fully racked out interior.