Accommodation units



From a luxury 4 bedroom unit to temporary and military / emergency  accommodation units, we can build to your exact design.

Our structural triple element panel provides unrivalled insulation, sound proofing and waterproofness without the need for any permanent footings. Each building can be placed straight onto a variety of ground conditions and are perfectly suited to wet or uneven surfaces thanks to its join free design.

The panel is so strong that after testing it was shown to produce  7 x the snow load capabilities vs traditional building materials.

Due to the 100% composite structure, our buildings require zero maintenance and with no elements to rot or rust the expected panel lifespan is 200+ years!


Luxury accommodation lodges


We’ve produced luxury accommodation units for some of the largest hospitality sectors to date. Our luxury modular units can be styled exactly to your need and thanks to their extroadinary resilience, they can be placed in hard to reach / remote areas and provide unrivalled levels of comfort.

Our expert in-house team build to the highest quality standards, installing high end kitchens, ensuites and living spaces of unparalleled quality and durability making the spaces ideal for the rental market.

From an empty shell to a fully fitted interior with an unlimited selection of exterior & interior finishes, door configurations,  exterior glass & roof style to interior lighting & speakers suited perfectly to their surroundings. Free from the constraints of a traditional “Mobile Home” our incredible portable luxury accommodation units provide the highest levels of insulation, waterproofing and require zero maintenance. Their extraordinary lifespans paired with unlimited portability provide fantastic value for money and a building that can be used by generations to come.

Due to their portable nature, each building can be built completely self contained or piped into the mains. The high structural integrity of the floor means that solid, level footings are not essential and the buildings can go straight onto grass or gravel with bricks added to level out ground conditions if required. External balconies and verandas can be added after installation as well as bi-fold and concertina doors for full open plan living. Each building can have modular sections added to increase the size and shape of the buildings in future, allowing you to expand premises gradually to suit demand.

Emergency / troop accommodation units.

Our troop accommodation pods provide a high volume of bed spaces combined with maximum comfort levels thanks to our composite panel construction. 80mm insulation, waterproofing and sound minimisation is built in as standard and you can place them straight onto the ground -there is no requirement for permanent footings.

The pods are completely portable and can be made self contained and entirely off grid so are perfect for hard to reach or remote locations.

The units are exceptionally tough and are able to thrive in the harshest weather or ground conditions whilst ensuring maximum longevity.

For further information check out our ARMA Pods product.


Towable accommodation options

Our towable units provide easy portability and can be towed with a standard towing license. They can be made completely self contained or hook up to mains if required. With built in en-suites and fully fitted interiors these pods look ultra modern and provide super high comfort levels with the ease of full portability.