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The UK’s leading Modular Building Specialists.


iForm lead the way in modular buildings due to our unique panel and build method. Each and every building is underpinned by unrivalled levels of quality, providing our customers with benefits not previously seen before in the industry. Each modular building is delivered complete and ready to work with minimal disruption on site. Our unique panels can be created in one piece up to 10m, providing  seam free superior levels of strength compared to rival materials and build method.

Each modular building can be made to be completely self contained with electric and other facilities, removing the need to hard wire & plumb them in.

Each iForm building is built to be fully portable as standard and can be moved as many times as you like. Due to the joint free floor, each modular building can be placed on a wide range of footings without the need for a concrete  base or permanent foundation.

Insulation, waterproofing and sound minimisation is built in to every modular build that we produce. Due to their completely composite design there is no worry of rotting or degradation over the years and zero maintenance is required to care for them.

Each building can be completely customised to your needs and a wide range of external finishes are available to blend the building in perfectly with its surroundings.

Just a few of an iForm buildings benefits:

Handmade onsite from our own Revolutionary composite panel 

Zero maintainece required & completely rot free

Provide unrivalled levels of insulation, sound proofing and are completely waterproof

10 Year Build Warranty 

60+ years life span

No concrete foundations required 

Never normally require any Planning permission due to their size and portability

Zero joins due to one piece panel walls for maximum strength, portability,weather proofing and longevity

Can be made completely self contained and simply plug into the mains via the 25m cable, and plug your hose pipe onto the outside hose lock provided for the water supply. If a hose pipe is not available we can install interior water tanks.

Fully portable and can be moved an unlimited amount of times

iForm are fully FCA regulated and Finance can be arranged on all sizes 

Unlimited external finishes available, from standard white GRP to Treated wood cladding or our brand new Wood Effect fibre glass cladding that looks just like wood but will never age or require maintainence

Can be supplied as building only or fully kitted out with unlimited extras – we can even  fit your own equipment for you

Assistance can be provided with delivery, we work with local delivery companies who we can put you in touch with for a quotation or you are welcome to organise your own transport.