RNLI Beach Hut

The UK’s leading Beach Hut Manufacturer.

As the No.1 choice of County Councils & discerning customers nationwide,  iForm Beach Huts are like nothing else in the industry. We are able to build full residential single and multi-storey Beach Huts with an endless list of optional extras to create stunning luxurious builds like no other.  

From a single hut to an order or 250, each and every Beach hut build is underpinned by the highest levels of lasting quality and unrivalled customer care that iForm are renowned for.

Our fully composite buildings require zero maintenance and will outlive and out perform any other hut on the coastline. Our factories are perfectly suited to high volume orders with your own dedicated build team to meet even the strictest deadlines without compromising on quality. Our composite panel offers unique benefits not seen before in the industry. The built in insulation & sound proofing combined with zero maintenance, extreme longevity and full portability offers an exciting alternative never seen before. We have recently created our new range of “FibreClad” a fully composite wood effect cladding to provide the traditional look of timber but with zero maintainence and full colour fastness no matter how many hours of sun exposure.

Revolutionary Composite Technology

Our revolutionary composite panel technology is unique to us worldwide. It enables us to offer a range of portable beachfront buildings designed to thrive in a coastal environment – completely maintenance-free. Composite is a high-performance building system, offering superior insulation, structural strength and durability over traditional construction methods or systems. Manufactured up to 10m x 3m without joins, each panel is bonded for rigidity, impact resistance and water tightness. There’s no warping, shrinking, rotting or colour fading, with interesting shape creations like our Wave Roof design. We first introduced our revolutionary composite panel technology more than 30 years ago. It offers maximum durability in coastal locations, and is totally unique to us. The buildings we supply to the RNLI under contract are composite, so you can be rest-assured interms of the quality and level of service we provide. We manufacture the panels in various thicknesses and layups depending on the intended application. Whole panels are bonded together to form the floors, walls and roofs. This creates a super strong, lightweight, self-supporting structure. The outer surfaces of our bonded composite panel consist of layers of smooth, highly-durable, wipe-clean GRP(fibreglass). These surfaces are white as standard, and we offer a range of RAL colour options. The colour runs through the GRP and won’t fade with sun exposure. The smooth exterior can also be wrapped in vinyl graphics for branding or marketing purposes, or if you’re looking for that traditional timber aesthetic, we’ve developed an effective composite cladding system.

Please see below our Beach Hut PDF. Simply scroll through the pages by using the controls on the lower left of each page. Please note, we no longer provide the Timber or Timber/composite mix.
Standard Beach Hut or Full Residential Beach Chalet …
We have the skills and experience to match whatever needs and aspirations you have for your beachfront buildings. From a simple design, up to full residential builds for overnight or holiday stays, and everything in-between.
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