Towable buildings

Towable structures

We have the capability and in-house experience to create custom built trailers for a variety of different applications. Each chassis is VCA Type Approved and is fully braked. Thanks to our super light weight, super strong panel, the trailers are easy to tow by a wide range of vehicles and can be pushed by hand into position. We fit 4 jack legs with 1 on each corner to help level the trailer once in position,  preventing any movement on uneven ground.

Custom design

We can create completely custom interiors to create a mobile work space that perfectly suits your business. Our generator mounted on the front A frame provides independent power or you can simply plug the trailers in to the mains via the 25m cable provided.

Pictured below is a custom trailer built as a mobile dental surgery and denture preparation unit. It features independent power, hot and cold running water with a stainless steel sink, custom drawers and storage units and the fitting of supplied dental equipment.


Our towable accommodation units are upto 20ft in length and can be towed with a standard towing license. They can be made completely self contained or hook up to mains if required. With built in en-suites and fully fitted interiors these pods look ultra modern and provide super high comfort levels with the ease of full portability.

Their light weight construction allows them to be towed by a wide range of vehicles despite their large size.


Our refrigerated trailers are capable of chill and frozen temperatures thanks to the incredible insulating properties of our panel when combined with a refrigeration unit. They are for ideal for portable cold storage and come in sizes from 10ft all the way to 20ft.