The process

You dream it. We design, build, and deliver it…

Each situation and build is unique, so the process can vary slightly, but here’s an outline so you know what to expect:

1. We listen and understand your brief or vision.

2. Initial exchange of ideas to make sure we are all on the same page.

3. Free site survey and consultation:
• Discuss your requirements in more detail
• Determine size, positioning, numbers of doors and windows, plug points, data points, etc
• Determine if planning or foundations are required (we can help with this also), if not already obtained or known
• Identify potential challenges or other factors
• Check access
• Locate services such as electric, plumbing and drainage, if needed

4. Should you wish to place an order after the site survey and initial consultation, we present a 3D concept to show how your space would look. At this stage you can change sizes, move/add doors and windows, etc.

5. With the basic design established, we focus on exterior and interior finishes, heating/cooling options, and any extra furnishings required.

6. Finalise the specification and costings, and agree on a deadline for the build.

7. Your project enters our build programme, where it’s constructed in factory conditions to be perfect, and we keep you informed throughout.

8. Your new portable building is then craned onto a hiab lorry and delivered to site, in many cases completely finished.*

9. Installation is quick, and our time on site is minimal, so you can see the finished product realised very quickly.

*There are some instances where this is not possible, such as size or access restrictions to the property, and we will be able to give you an idea of this at the initial site survey. In this case we’d pre-built then flat-pack your new space and transport it to site for assembly.

Planning and building regulations
Our builds are structurally self-supporting, so they usually don’t require planning permission or foundations. We can advise if they do, and we can handle the application for you if you wish.

Building regulations are in place to ensure your finished build is safe, efficient and long-lasting. We can design all our builds to fully comply with, and often exceed, building regs.