Campsite Toilets




Portable Toilet & Shower blocks

Our range of composite portable toilet and shower blocks can be built to any size, colour and interior specification. Offering full portability with often no planning permission required they provide a maintenance free, luxury alternative to traditional Campsite Toilet Facilities.







The interior is finished with a full Wet Room interior with wipe clean walls that can have a variety of shelving & mirrors added to them. Each building is placed on a galvanised steel sub frame to allow the building to be moved as frequently as needed.



New for 2020!

COMPLETELY SELF CONTAINED TOILET & SHOWER BLOCKS! No need for Electric, Mains water or Waste water connections! Perfect for hard to reach areas!

Our fantastic new range of self contained toilet and shower blocks provide the perfect solution for hard to reach glamping or camp sites looking to offer facilities without the need to plug the pods in to the mains or plumb in water feeds.Each system is completely self contained and requires no connections to the mains, they are completely portable too and can be moved an unlimited number of times. Due to their unique single piece floor design, they do not require permanent footings and can go onto a wide range of bases such as level grass, scalpings, gravel, paving slabs etc providing maximum flexibility to campsite owners without the need for any permanent structures or connections.