Flat Packed Composite Buildings



Our range of Flat Packed buildings are completely unique to us industry wide. Utilising our revolutionary structurally insulated panels we are able to create a range of collapsible buildings that can completely flat pack, slide into a large van and then be located and erected on site. These buildings are perfect for hard to reach areas and cost very little to move and store. The design enables the builds to be extremely stable and temper proof, yet easily demountable by hand.

Choose from an unlimited list of extras and finishes, with full interior and exterior sign writing available for the ultimate advertising space whilst at shows . Due to the hard wearing nature of the panels, our Pop-Up buildings share the same merits such as insulation, sound proofing and structural stability as our fixed buildings and can be left up for as long as required. Built to any size and shape required we can tailor each build to the most discerning brief and exceed all expectations.

A great example of our flat packed popup buildings would be our implementation of portable cash machine buildings at the Festival of Speed.


Our accommodation buildings are built from our revolutionary composite panel technology, it’s unique to us worldwide meaning you won’t find any other accommodation building with the same strength and durability. Full interior feature walls and plaster work can be added if required as well as exterior wood effect fibre clad to blend in with surroundings. It enables us to offer a range of buildings designed to last 20 or more years in a harsh environments, maintenance-free.

Composite is a high-performance building system, offering superior insulation, structural strength and durability over traditional construction methods or systems. Manufactured up to 10m x 3m without joins, each panel is bonded for rigidity, impact resistance and water tightness. There’s no warping, shrinking, rotting or colour fading, with interesting shape creations like our Wave Roof design.



You can be rest-assured in terms of the quality and level of service we provide as the majority of buildings we supply are composite. We manufacture the panels in various thicknesses and layups depending on the intended application. Different locations come with varying different levels of weather and so need variations in design.

Our composite panels offer a design flexibility not available with traditional construction methods – complex shapes and angles can be created without the need for additional supports or frames, and we can take advantage of the material’s modular size and spanning capabilities at concept stage – so you receive great bespoke design and maximum useable space. We first introduced our revolutionary composite panel technology more than 30 years ago. It offers maximum durability and is totally unique to us.


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Core Values

We have teams of trained professionals ready to work hand in hand with you throughout the design process where we take your initial design, requirements and budget. We then work with you to get all aspects aligned and fully understood across all of our in-house teams. From here our composite beach hut manufacturing team build and test your clever building as they go. Everything from the foundations to the spacing between interior lighting. We take care of everything in full.



Innovation is a key component to our company. Our rich heritage of engineering experience paired with the latest technology enables us to pioneer products of tomorrow, today.



Quality is focal in every little aspect of the construction. As an iso9001 Quality certified and Government VCA Approved company, the mindset of both our senior employees all the way to our on-site contractors centres on unwavering quality levels and attention to detail, to create products of unrivalled quality.


Environment Friendliness

Besides valuing your time & vision for the project, we also value Mother Nature and the impact that our company has on the environment. We’re leading the effort to use only eco-friendly materials, source only FSC regulated timber products and minimise wastage as extensively as possible.




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