Why iForm

We offer a complete project solution; from concept to a finished commercial space you can be proud of.

Completely bespoke designs to meet your requirements, inside and out.

Our portable buildings are structurally self-supporting, so they can be picked up and moved or relocated, if required.

Our modular buildings can be joined together or stacked to expand according to your needs.

We build from revolutionary composite panels that we produce ourselves. Like SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), only better.

Our builds are free-standing, so planning permission or foundations are not normally required. We also deliver your completed build to site ready for use.

We complete our builds under factory conditions to be perfect.
Our superior build quality has been proven to withstand the most harshest environments, right on the shores of the UK coast.

Piece of mind
We believe our customers deserve the very best. All our materials are of the highest quality, and we employ fantastic staff who are all experts in their own field, whether they be designers, carpenters, plasterers or electricians. We offer a 10 year Structural Warranty on our buildings, and manufacturer's warranties on items such as the flooring, windows and doors, and electrical items. This is all backed-up by excellent service and aftercare.

We advise on and project manage all aspects of your build, including planning or building regulations where required.

Specialists in creative builds, we’ve worked across different commercial sectors, including modular accommodation, teaching facilities, and even lifeguard units (we have completed more than 100 successful builds for the RNLI).

Our composite panel technology

The floor, walls and roof are made from our own revolutionary composite panels, and it's great stuff – it’s what makes our builds unique, and also quite clever!

Key features
• Produced in-house in one piece (up to 10m x 3m), without the need for joints
• Advanced version of SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel)
• Bonded for rigidity, impact resistance and water tightness
• Non-flammable
• Integral insulation and thermal performance (low heating/cooling costs)
• Incredibly strong and lightweight
• Structurally self-supporting (foundations not required*)
• No shrinking, warping, rotting, or rusting
• Recyclable
• Smooth, wipe-clean surface (even graffiti-proof) that can be painted
* Subject to use

The modern-day building material
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building system, offering superior insulation, structural strength and air-tightness over traditional construction methods or systems – making it an inherently green product.

SIP technology was developed around composite panel techniques, creating a building system that is extremely strong, lightweight and energy efficient.

We manufacture our own unique version of SIPs under factory controlled conditions for use in our builds. Our panels are bonded to have better water tightness, higher impact resistance, increased rigidity and durability, be non-flammable, with a wipe-clean surface.

We’ve been creating unique builds using our revolutionary panel system for over 25 years, and we are continually improving it. The system offers a design flexibility not available with traditional construction methods – complex shapes and angles can be created without the need for additional supports or frames, and we can take advantage of the material’s modular size and spanning capabilities at concept stage – so you receive great bespoke design and maximum useable space.





Modular accommodation

10y Warranty & ISO 9001 logos