Modular Accommodation

The beauty with modular accommodation is you can style it exactly to your need. You can choose all the build options from exterior glass & roof style to interior lighting & speakers. We can work with you to build exactly what you are looking for, from multi-split dorms to bunk beds. We can use our extensive product research, past jobs & years of experience to work with you to design and build your ideal modular accommodation.

Rockley Watersports needed to replace some tired, old student accommodation with a modern, comfortable and durable solution.

The existing caravan-style metal and wood construction had badly degraded and was no longer suitable, and the brief was to provide simple accommodation with showering and toilet facilities for up to 32 students, as a building manufacturer we were able to provide a portable building solution in Dorset.

We created a modular design, consisting of four identical units each sleeping 6-8 students on bunk beds. Every module has an ensuite shower, toilet and sink featuring hardwearing fixtures and surfaces. We incorporated a series of small windows to provide natural light to each bunk. The entrance doors also featured large glass sections, to help create a light and comfortable environment. We used impact resistant wood-effect flooring in the main floor areas, and a non-slip, marine-style surface for the ensuites. Electrical sockets and overhead lighting was all pre-wired during the build process. Check our our Build Options.

The four modules were completed in factory conditions to meet or exceed the required British Standard 3632 specification. The units were picked up and transported to the site in Poole, Dorset by hiab lorry. Once at the site, each finished module was craned onto concrete pile foundations. Build time was eight weeks, and installation just one day. The end result fantastic modular accomodation for students. 

Of course, each module was constructed using our own composite panel technology. Its integral insulation and thermal properties, watertightness, and wipe-clean surfaces was really well-suited to this project. It meant we could provide Rockley Watersports with a solution that was really going to last, and continue to look good. And the modular design allows more accommodation to be easily added in the future if required.

“iForm designed and built modular accommodation units for our sailing school here in Poole, Dorset. The design, service and build quality was first-rate. In fact, we were so impressed that we have placed another order.”

Peter Gordon, Rockley Watersports

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Modular accommodation

Modular Accommodation

Modular accommodation detail