Cash Cubes

Portable cash machines are used for events such as festivals, fairs and any other outdoor event where access to cash is limited but required by the public.

The popularity of mobile cash machines has grown substantially in the last few years where a cashless culture is becoming more common in the UK.

We have worked with a number of event ATM providers to create secure, weather resistant cash cubes to house portable cash machines during major UK events. 

Cash Cube Project

Cash on the Move – the UK’s largest supplier of mobile cash machines for all types of indoor and outdoor events nationwide – asked us to design and build five portable ‘Cash Cubes’ to house its ATMs at Glastonbury and Goodwood Festival of Speed, with less than six weeks turnaround time.

The Cubes had to flat-pack so they could be easily transported to various events, and be lightweight and quick to assemble. An operator needed to be able to enter the Cubes when in use to manage the ATMs and keep them topped up with cash.

We produced three 2 x 2m Cash Cubes, and two longer, 2 x 4m versions. 

The smaller Cubes housed four ATMs: two side-by-side on one wall, and two more on the opposing wall. Another wall featured a lockable access door, and the last wall had interchangeable ‘Cash Point’ signage.

The longer Cubes shared the same configuration, but with a total of eight ATMs.

The base, walls and roof of each Cube consisted of our one-piece composite panels to create a strong, lightweight and weatherproof structure.

Each cube can be assembled in minutes. The walls slot into channels on the base section and interlock, and the roof slots over the top. The structure is then secured with bonnet catches that clamp the walls to the base and roof.

Cutouts in the walls allow customers access to the ATMs, and each machine is surrounded by a stainless steel hood that slots over the top from inside the Cash Cube. 

The ATMs are covered by shutters that open on gas struts to offer some protection from the elements for users and the machines themselves. The shutters can be locked shut from inside the Cube by an operator, to allow for shutting down an ATM for repair, replenishment, and overnight security if not a 24hr event. 

We installed electrics on the back wall inside each Cube to provide power for each ATM and a light for an operator to work by.

These Cash Cubes were the first of their kind, so it was an exciting project to work on – we worked right down to the wire to meet the demanding turnaround time required, with a great result! 

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Cash Cube at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Cash Cube detail2

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